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Since my first attempt at a power tools art project, I wanted to try inverting my process. I began by spinning paint to fling it onto a canvas and I wanted to try starting with paint on a page and spinning it to see what would happen.

It took me awhile to put together a rig that wouldn’t tear itself apart. When I finally got something stable put together, I didn’t get the outcome I expected at all. But I kind of love what came from this attempt anyway.

“Eye” – created July 4, 2021. Acrylic on paper.

I didn’t get nearly the spread that I wanted. Clearly, the paints I’ve been using are too thick. I should probably give pouring paints a try. I could thin out what I’ve already got but I barely know what I’m doing already, adding another step seems like inviting trouble,

The thick smear of light red, overlapped by two streaks of dark red, moving away from the black dot, are what make this for me. I’m not sure I can even really describe it. It’s so small but so loud.

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