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Welcome to the personal home page of web developer / software engineer Clark Rasmussen. I'm trying to blog more than I used to but in addition to that, this is where you can find my portfolio (now part of the blog), resumé, and a handful of other things. Look up in the header for ways to find me on social media.

My Blog

Integrating Invision Power Board (back) into

Notes on how the project integrating with Invision Power Board went and how it was done.

On COVID Homeschooling and Technology

My latest fight with technology in the face of COVID: Setting up accounts for my daughter that don't allow for parental controls that respect her blended family.

Fantasy Hockey Sim: The Big Damn Database Refactor

Thoughts on my recently-completed refactor of Fantasy Hockey Sim, which started out with a small feature request and spiraled out of control.

Griffins Jersey Contest - 90s Edition

The number of times I have "quit" the Grand Rapids Griffins' annual jersey design contest is comical at this point.  Last year I even publicly announced that I was done.  Then they went and made this year's edition 90s-themed and I was drawn right back in.

DetroitHockey.Net Logo Redesign 2019

Back in 2015, I wrote a bit about the history of the DetroitHockey.Net logo.  Over the last several weeks, I was forced to add a new entry to that record.

My Projects


DetroitHockey.Net is my long-running tribute to the Detroit Red Wings, where I do a lot of writing about the team as well as post photos and stats. is the simulated fantasy hockey league management system I've built around the FHLSim software.

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