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Welcome to the personal home page of web developer / software engineer Clark Rasmussen. I'm trying to blog more than I used to but in addition to that, this is where you can find my portfolio (now part of the blog), resumé, and a handful of other things. Look up in the header for ways to find me on social media.

My Blog

Building a Custom Hockey Stick Holder

Instructions on how to build my custom hockey stick display brackets. Mostly so that I have it documented next time I need to do it.

My Trello Weekly Summary

I'm trying to get myself to better recognize work I've completed, so I wrote a process to look at my Trello board and send a Slack message to myself. This is why and how.

DetroitHockey.Net 25th Season Logo Design

A look at DetroitHockey.Net's 25th Season logo on the site's 24th birthday.

I'm a Bad Citizen of the Open Source Community

On how I learn, how I code, and not sharing well with others.

Integrating Invision Power Board (back) into

Notes on how the project integrating with Invision Power Board went and how it was done.

My Projects is the simulated fantasy hockey league management system I've built around the FHLSim software.


DetroitHockey.Net is my long-running tribute to the Detroit Red Wings, where I do a lot of writing about the team as well as post photos and stats.

So Puzzled

So Puzzled is where my wife and I blog about jigsaw puzzles.

No Brush, No Problem

No Brush, No Problem features abstract art I've created. No brushes allowed.

Me on Twitter