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Welcome to the personal home page of web developer / software engineer Clark Rasmussen. I'm trying to blog more than I used to but in addition to that, this is where you can find my portfolio (now part of the blog), resumé, and a handful of other things. Look up in the header for ways to find me on social media.

My Blog

Fantasy Hockey Sim: The Big Damn Database Refactor

Thoughts on my recently-completed refactor of Fantasy Hockey Sim, which started out with a small feature request and spiraled out of control.

Griffins Jersey Contest - 90s Edition

The number of times I have "quit" the Grand Rapids Griffins' annual jersey design contest is comical at this point.  Last year I even publicly announced that I was done.  Then they went and made this year's edition 90s-themed and I was drawn right back in.

DetroitHockey.Net Logo Redesign 2019

Back in 2015, I wrote a bit about the history of the DetroitHockey.Net logo.  Over the last several weeks, I was forced to add a new entry to that record.

Grand Rapids Griffins Alternate Jersey Concept 2018

I thought I'd retired from the Grand Rapids Griffins' annual jersey design contest but, as this year's edition rolled around, I realized that I wanted to revisit my 2016 entry and try to tweak a couple things that bothered me from it.

Kalamazoo Wings Jersey Concept 2018

Aside from the Grand Rapids Griffins, I don't normally enter jersey design contests.  In general, I don't like "fan designed" jersey contests because rarely does an actual fan of the team win.

My Projects


DetroitHockey.Net is my long-running tribute to the Detroit Red Wings, where I do a lot of writing about the team as well as post photos and stats. is the simulated fantasy hockey league management system I've built around the FHLSim software.

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