About Me

I’m Clark Rasmussen, a long-time software engineer, writer, father, husband, sometimes artist, and many other things.

Most of what I do here is development-centric.  Sometimes I just need a place to write some stuff, though, so it ends up here, too.  I also doodle logo designs and athletic identities and do some abstract art and that all gets dropped here as well.

There used to be a lot more but I’ve been stripping my web presence down.  I used to have a portfolio but now it’s just a part of the blog.  I used to have code samples but those are over at GitHub now, and are also in the blog when there’s something interesting to talk about.  There used to be a contact form but…  You see all those social media links up top there?  It’s not hard to get ahold of me.

Oh, and, of course, my résumé lives here.

The following are some of my other projects that live elsewhere:

FantasyHockeySim.com logo


FantasyHockeySim.com is the simulated fantasy hockey league management system I’ve built around the FHLSim software.

DetroitHockey.Net logo


DetroitHockey.Net is my long-running tribute to the Detroit Red Wings, where I do a lot of writing about the team as well as post photos and stats.

So Puzzled Puzzle Company logo

So Puzzled Puzzle Company

So Puzzled Puzzle Company is the jigsaw puzzle company I co-founded with my wife.

We Are So Puzzled logo

We Are So Puzzled

We Are So Puzzled is where my wife and I blog about jigsaw puzzles.