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It’s been awhile since I completed a new piece.  Part of that was some health issues, part of it was life getting in the way, and part of that is that I spent a good amount of time iterating on this one. It was something that I felt like I just wasn’t getting quite right. I’m still not sure that I have, but I’m calling it good enough.

“Almighty” – created November 21, 2021. Acrylic on paper.

This was a return to my “let’s play with the hammer” method (last used in July with “Incidental”), with the added twist of a torn dollar bill being glued to the page before the paint was applied.

A torn dollar bill glued to the page to form a base for “Almighty.”

There are four or five (I’ve already forgotten) shades of green in there and a splash of red.

I’m posting this one on American Thanksgiving, with Black Friday tomorrow. I think that’s appropriate for this piece and is all the explanation I think I need to give.

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