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After creating “Pulverized” last Tuesday, I had one more variation on that theme that I wanted to try.

“Incidental” – created July 2, 2021. Acrylic on paper.

Specifically, I really wanted to see a version of the idea on a black background.  That necessitated switching to lighter colors in general, though I wanted to keep just a bit of red in there.  The method was the same; build up a blob of paint on the page, lay bubble wrap over it, and then smash it with a hammer (this time a rubber mallet, just to change things up a little).

I think the result really matches what I’m feeling now.  “Blackened” and “Pulverized” represented a lot of anger.  Red and black dominating.  Damage put front and center.  Here, the red is still there but most of the spray is something else.  Like the personal damage is part of some other whole.

I’m already planning on moving away from this, at least for a bit.  I don’t know how therapeutic it’s really been but it feels nice to have created something that so strongly reflects my feelings.

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