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This one came out of nowhere, no pre-planning or anything, just a vague idea of something I wanted to try, and I think I love it.

“Blackened” – created June 28, 2021. Acrylic on paper.

I was angry. All I knew was that I wanted to use reds and black and I wanted to do something violent.

At first I thought about using a hammer but I was rushing and didn’t want to set something up where I could safely do that.  Instead, I put a giant blob of various reds and a drop of black onto the middle of a piece of paper, covered it in cling wrap, and dropped a giant book on it (Total Hockey, 2nd Edition, for the record).

I was hoping for a little more spray effect from the impact but the larger surface of the book (rather than a hammer) probably limited that.  Nonetheless, I really kind of love the result.  I love the swirl of black, like an infection.  It matches how I was feeling when I made it even if it doesn’t look the way I expected.

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