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There was something I was trying to do when I created “Eye” earlier this month that I didn’t have the right materials to make happen. I went shopping and bought some stuff and I’m not certain that I got the right stuff, nor am I certain that I created what I intended to, but I like it nonetheless.

“Solar” – created July 17, 2021. Acrylic on paper.

For “Eye,” I was using acrylics out of a tube, pre-mixed and too thick for what I was trying to do (even if it turned out alright). So I got some dyes and mixed up my own colors in a thinner medium. I’m not sure I did it “right” (or even if there’s a right way to do that). I’m pretty sure this isn’t what I was aiming for. The streaks are thinner than I expected. I like it a lot, though. There’s a chaos to it, how the streaks go screaming off the page.

I ended up doing a few more pieces in this style. I’ll post them later.

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