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When I wrote about creating “Eye” I said that I didn’t get the spread of paint that I wanted because I was using acrylics that were too thick. I figured I could try pouring paints or thin out the paints I already have.

Or I could use the glue I’d already been using for sand art, which is thinner than my acrylics.  So I tried that first.

“Mask” – created July 11, 2021. Sand on paper.

The glue still did not spread the way that I expected but I figured out why that was pretty quickly, so that’s another lesson learned. Even acting that way, though, I really love what came from it.

Had I realized how much the shape of the glue looked like a mask, I might have chosen to swap out red and blue for green to stick to Mardi Gras colors, but I’m kind of glad that I didn’t as that might have been a little too on the nose. After all, I rarely go into these trying to make something. My original thought was that this might turn out looking like an insect of some kind. It was only after seeing it finished that it looked more like a mask to me.

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