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Primary One & Primary Two

Primary One & Primary Two

“Primary One” and “Primary Two” were executed on May 29, 2021. They were my first attempts at using centrifugal force (provided by a power drill) to fling paint from paint tubes and onto canvas.

“Primary One” (left) and “Primary Two” (right)

There were two ideas I wanted to test with these.

The first was whether or not my idea of using a power drill to fling paint out of a tube would even work. That was a resounding success. It wasn’t even as messy as I expected.

The second idea was to look at these as kind of mirrors of each other and see what would come of it.

When I first finished them, I thought I liked “Primary Two” more. The red and blue really blended into the black but the yellow starkly contrasted in a way I appreciated. Looking closely at “Primary One,” though, I think it’s easier to see the thinner lines of paint, giving it a delicate feeling that I also really like.

These were created by setting the two canvases on easels facing each other and firing off the power drill at the center point between them. Using the exact same paint, the exact same method, there’s a drastically different feeling just because of the color of the canvas. I’d call that second test a success.

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