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Building a Custom Hockey Stick Holder

Building a Custom Hockey Stick Holder

Several years ago I wrote up my designs for a custom hockey puck display case.  When I wrote that, it was mostly as reference for myself, so that it would be documented the next time I went to build one.

I’ve designed custom brackets for mounting hockey sticks, as well, and it’s time for me to make another set of those.  Of course, that’s not documented, either, so here we are.

I start with 1/2″x 1 1/2″ pine or poplar craft board, depending on whatever I happen to have on hand or whatever I find first when I run out for materials.  Really the quality of the wood most matters in how you want to finish it and I just spray paint it black (getting ahead of myself here) so that really doesn’t matter.

Materials in hand, it’s just a couple 45-degree cuts and one straight chop to round it off, with the created pieces looking like this:

Could the bottom piece be rounded to 2 inches?  Certainly, but the first one I made was a little short so everything I’ve done since has followed.

Depending on how you’re going to mount it to the wall, you probably want to put a hole through the larger piece, in the middle near the flat end, so you can run a screw through it later.

Where to place a hole for mounting my custom hockey stick bracket.

Glue the pieces together as they appear in the diagram and you’ve got yourself a bracket.  You can stain it or paint it to make it prettier, of course.  As I mentioned above, I paint mine black because the sticks I’ve got are black so it matches.

You need to make two brackets for each stick, unless you’re really good at balancing and don’t expect the stick to be bumped at all.

This is the end result:

My custom hockey stick brackets in use.

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