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I did this one on May 30 and, while there are parts of it that I like, I’m a bit disappointed with the outcome.

“Rainbow” – created May 30, 2021. Acrylic on Canvas paper.

Pretty obviously, the idea was to create an abstract rainbow. So, success, I guess.

I was also testing to see how much overlap there would be if I was throwing six different colors onto the canvas at the same time. It turned out, with the way that I had arranged the paints, there was no overlap. So I tried to adjust for that by shifting the rig on the fly. In doing so, I feel like I lost some of character of it, replaced with just blobs of paint.

What I learned is that shifting the rig can work but I have to be careful about how I do that because it’s really easy to get a result I’m not happy with.

That said, this is all about trying out ideas and learning from them, so while I don’t particularly like how this one looks, I do appreciate the lessons learned from it.

One thing I think is really interesting is the blue stripe. I used the same blue paint tube as I used for “Primary One” and “Primary Two” and it was more empty than I realized, which can be seen in how insubstantial that stripe is compared to the others. I’m going to have to keep an eye on that in the future. Also, I really want to try this again with six nearly-expired paint tubes and see how that works.

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