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On Blogging My Portfolio

A couple weeks ago I briefly mentioned that it seemed like it made more sense to post about newly-completed projects to this blog rather than have a separate “Portfolio” section of the site.

The idea is much the same as my thinking on code samples; it should be less about the outcome and more about the steps taken to reach that point.  I already had some posts about random design work I’ve done and those would have gone into the portfolio back before I had a blog, clearly the blog had already replaced the portfolio in my mind.

I did go back and pull all my old portfolio content into the blog.  That clutters things up a bit because I have stuff I wrote in 2003 with a 2014 timestamp on it but I’m not that worried about it.  I did flag each one as having been pulled directly from the old portfolio and included the original publication date if it wasn’t evident from the text.

Anyway, the “Portfolio” category is now in use.  We’ll see if I change my mind later.

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