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The Problem with Code Samples

Up until about thirty seconds before I hit publish on this post, there was a section on this site called “Code Samples.”  I removed it (after pulling one piece of code over to this blog) because I realized it wasn’t providing what it should.

Said section was made up of four links to zip files, each containing the code for a different project.  Aside from a text description of the project, there was no breakdown of why the code was written a certain way or what was learned from writing it.

Since I started this blog, I realized that what I’d hoped to accomplish with the “Code Samples” section was being achieved with posts on things like my work with the Twitter and Trello APIs.  These posts explained not just the how of what I did but the why.

I’m going to keep posting new stuff under the “Code Sample” category in the blog. Hopefully that way I can make my samples less a display of specific code and more a discussion of how I code.

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