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I redesigned the header of this site earlier this week entirely because I was bored. I couldn’t focus on what I should have been writing and I decided a design project would help. What I came up with worked, though, so I went with it.

The gradients in my previous header were dated when I launched them and I was getting to be unhappy with the dark grey navigation bar, especially the way the white social media icons looked on it. Fixing that only took a couple small changes.

The blue field at the top of the page remained the same, save for the removal of the gradient. My logo shifted over to the left side of the page, leaving room to the right for the nav menu to move up. In its new space, the nav items were shrunk down a little to fit better.

The grey nav bar was replaced by a thin piece of grey trim on the header, having the effect of shrinking down the overall size of the header by about 30 pixels.

The May 2014 design of, featuring an updated header.
The May 2014 design of, featuring an updated header.

Since it’s been over ten years, here’s the progression of the design of this site (excluding the lost-forever first design):

It was because of this change and the need to write it up to add to my portfolio that I also removed the portfolio section of the site (and its related administration tools) and moved everything to this blog.

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