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This one came about yesterday as the result of an accident with a different project.

“Grass” – created Jun 20, 2001. Acrylic on Paper.

I’d been working on another power tools art project in my back yard. It didn’t really work out the way that I wanted it to (though I learned a couple things) and then, in taking the rig apart, I accidentally dropped the piece face-down in the grass. The grass left a kind of interesting pattern, not enough to salvage the original work but enough to inspire this one.

I gathered up a bunch of green colors, squirted them directly onto a sheet of paper, and then took it to the back yard and dragged it, face-down, through the grass. Using grass to create an abstract representation of grass.

I really love how this turned out and I’m going to revisit that original idea with this method in mind. I also like the randomness of the method. The paper is face-down, you can’t see how it’s turning out as you go, it’s either going to work out or it’s not.

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