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The Tools We Choose

So a little while ago I was thinking about Ricky Robinett‘s blog post about using Twilio to get notified about World Series ticket deals.  Specifically, I was questioning the use of Twilio to drive the notifications.

Personally, I prefer my notifications via email.  To the point that I look at that post and think, “Come on, he only got his notifications via SMS because he works at Twilio.”  I mean, why involve an API when PHP can send email pretty much out of the box?

Then I look back at my own posts.  My recent bit on how I’m using Trello to help track my finances.  And all the other ways I’ve used Trello.  And I’m sensing a theme here.

We use the tools that we know.  That shouldn’t be a surprise.  What hit me is just how much I’ve stayed inside the Trello ecosystem, at least with regards to things that are worth writing about.

So I’m going to get out of my comfort zone a bit and rewrite my financial tracking tool to make use of Twilio.  I’ve been saying that I wanted to play with Twilio for awhile now but I had an opportunity to do so and chose to shoehorn Trello in instead, since it was what I was more familiar with.

I’ll write about the Twilio implementation when I get around to it.

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