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When Presentations Collide

Last week I wrote about my presentation at TechSmith’s Recon conference, “Implementing Advanced Trello Functionality via the Trello API.”  Embedded in that post is a video of the presentation itself.  It’s not the video that was included when I first published the post, though.

I initially published the post with video embedded straight from TechSmith Relay, which I thought was publicly accessible because I didn’t realize I was already logged in on the machine I tested with.  Oops.

I could have just dumped the video off to YouTube or or used the built-in media handling of WordPress, but I decided I wanted this blog to have a tool like I had built for DetroitHockey.Net.  So I cloned that tool and made some tweaks, then used it to process and display a new video.

Of course, last year I presented on that tool at TechSmith’s DevCon conference.  Which means that I used the topic of my presentation last year to share my presentation from this year.

I just think that’s a little humorous.

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