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Implementing Advanced Trello Functionality via the Trello API

Implementing Advanced Trello Functionality via the Trello API

I’ve written pretty extensively on my work with the Trello API and yesterday I got to present the code side of it at TechSmith’s internal development conference, ReCon.

Last year I presented for the first time (when the event was called DevCon) and I think I learned a lot from it that helped me this time around.  I’m pretty sure there were fewer “ums” and “uhs” but it was also a shorter presentation with less time for that.

The shorter presentation meant I had to absolutely blow through the information I wanted to put out there, so I’m worried I didn’t give enough time for it to set in.  It was supposed to be part of a larger presentation, an idea that fell apart late in the process, so I’m not sure what I could have done about that.

I think the biggest adjustment was the most important one.  In my presentation last year, my code slides weren’t very legible.  This time I made sure to focus on that, so there’s less code on each slide and the text is larger.  I couldn’t find a better way to get syntax-highlighted, properly-spaced code on to a Powerpoint slide than with screenshots, though, which seems stupid.

Unfortunately, I made one of the same mistakes as last year, not checking the audio beforehand.  I used a mic that was piped into the room speakers and recorded off an omni-directional mic that picked up everything in the room.  This makes the recording sound like I was in a car wash.

I enjoyed it significantly more than my presentation last year, though, and hope I have as good of a topic to speak on next year.

I referenced “Jenny’s presentation” and she’s posted it.  It covers a lot of the context I left out of mine.

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