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Retro Portfolio: Michigan Lucky Lotto!

The Michigan Lucky Lotto! site was an e-commerce project built entirely from scratch with a design by ALynn Designs.

As Michigan Lucky Lotto! is a courier service that purchases Michigan Lottery tickets on behalf of others, they have no stock to track. Instead, we built a system to track the purchases they would have to make for their customers and when they would need to be made.

Customers can pick their own lotto numbers or use a “Quick Play” option. However the number is selected, it will be recorded in their purchase history so that they can track their numbers and see if they’ve won.

Users can sign up on their own, before or after loading tickets into a shopping cart. Site administrators can then manage the user list, viewing their transaction history and editing the account.

The shopping cart accepts credit cards using Authorize.Net’s payment gateway, charging both one-time and recurring transactions.

The administration system also includes tools for updating the winning numbers and comparing those numbers to the numbers that were played by customers to determine which ones were winners.

The above text and images were copied directly from the portfolio of my former development company, O6 Web Services, as I imported it over to this blog. It was not updated for re-publishing. This project launched in April 2008.

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