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Retro Portfolio: Eastern Michigan University LOEX

The Eastern Michigan University Library Orientation Exchange group maintains a web site indexing a set of instructional resources for library orientation. In Fall of 2007, they looked to O6 to convert their existing set of static pages to an easily-updatable database-driven setup.

The fairly straightforward project involved no design as the existing LOEX site template was used.

All data from the static version of the site was imported into a database, with a password-protected system built for administering that database.

The user-side of the site was updated to not only be browsable by section but to be searchable as well. A simple keyword search was added to the Instruction Resources home page and an advanced search option was added, allowing users to search by specific fields and then further refine their results with searc filters.

The above text and images were copied directly from the portfolio of my former development company, O6 Web Services, as I imported it over to this blog. It was not updated for re-publishing. This project launched in December 2007.

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