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Retro Portfolio: HandiRecords

The HandiRecords e-commerce system was another project O6 worked with designer Audrey Walker on. As in previous projects, we started with the osCommerce shopping cart system and built from there.

Added to the base osCommerce system was an updated version of O6’s promo code add-on, originally developed for the Simply Floor Coverings project. This allows for the creation of promotional codes that customers can enter at checkout to earn a discount on their purchase.

One of the more interesting updated we worked on was to build in the option of donating part of the purchase price to charity. HandiRecords can assemble a list of charities and donation percentages and each customer can choose whether or not the given percentage of their purchase total should be passed on to the charity of their choosing.

In addition to those two major updates, we made several small tweaks to the default osCommerce template.

The above text and images were copied directly from the portfolio of my former development company, O6 Web Services, as I imported it over to this blog. It was not updated for re-publishing. This project launched in May 2007.

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