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Retro Portfolio: Cathy & Clark’s Canada Day Luau Logo

My wife and I were planning on having a luau-themed party on July 1, 2006. Even though we were in the U.S. we jokingly referred to it as our Canada Day luau. As the joke continued, I decided to make a logo for the event.

The shape is meant to resemble the look of the sun just over the horizon. Inside the shape of the sun is a maple leaf outline, symbolizing Canada. A palm tree then appears inside the maple leaf.

The artwork for the palm tree is not my own, as this was just thrown together as part of a joke I didn’t take the time to draw one, instead pulling it from an alternate logo of the Florida Panthers NHL team.

The logo for Cathy & Clark's Canada Day Luau.
The logo for Cathy & Clark’s Canada Day Luau.

The above text and images were copied directly from my original portfolio as I imported it over to the blog. It was not updated for re-publishing.

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