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Video Games and Charity

I’ve written about one of my favorite charity events on DetroitHockey.Net before but with Mario Marathon on it’s sixth iteration this weekend, I thought I’d say something here.

Mario Marathon features a group of guys playing their way through the core Super Mario video games, streaming their efforts online in a telethon-like fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity.  They’re about thirty hours into this year’s event and they’ve raised over $30,000.  That puts them at about $378,000 raised over the last six years, with most of this year left to come.

Child’s Play raises money to buy toys, books and video games for children’s hospitals across the world in an effort to provide entertainment for the kids that have to stay there.

In the last fifteen months, my family has spent more time in women and children’s hospitals than we’d ever wish upon anyone and we know we didn’t have it nearly as bad as many do.

The staff at these places are phenomenal but there’s only so much they can do.  No one wants to spend time there but as adults we can justify it.  We know the hospital is the best place to get the treatment we or our loved ones need.

Children don’t always know this, though. They only know that they have to be in a place that can be scary at the best of times and most certainly is not home.

Child’s Play brings a bit of home to the hospital and gives kids a chance to relax as they go through their treatment.  It’s a noble cause and the Mario Marathon guys to a great job in support of it.

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