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Stupid Little Projects

Sometimes it’s the pointless little projects that are surprisingly fun.

I recently upgraded my phone.  I’m not going to lie, at the end the main reason I loved my old Galaxy Nexus wasn’t the technology but the fact that I had a custom case with the DetroitHockey.Net logo on it.  Half the point of the Moto X is that you can customize the device itself, so a case like that is out.

It led me to design a simple DH.N background and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


One of the “vintage” versions of the logo (designed to look old but not actually an old version of the site’s identity) on a vintage red background.  Vintage white stripes to the top and bottom with a bit of vintage black (actually a very dark gray) trim.

A dirt simple little project but it’s something that makes me smile every time I see it. Sometimes that’s enough of a reason to do something.

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