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Griffins Jersey Contest: Sour Grapes

Griffins Jersey Contest: Sour Grapes

I was going to do a write-up of the winners of the Grand Rapids Griffins’ jersey contest over at DetroitHockey.Net – where I’d already done a review and posted my predictions – but I realized doing so after my design didn’t win would come across as sour grapes. Instead, I decided to own that; accept the label and go forward anyway, posting my issues with the winning designs here instead of at DH.N.

And since I’m complaining, I should mention my write-up of my original submission.  Obviously I designed that for a reason, it’s my style.  Apparently it wasn’t the style of the Griffins but we have no word from them on what criteria were used to make their decision so I stand by it.

Let’s look at the winners in the order they were announced…

This is the one that annoys me most.  It’s a fantastic jersey.  I said right off that bat that I knew the Griffins would wear it.  It’s not an original design, though.

That’s a Grand Rapids Rockets jersey updated to say “Griffins” instead.  It looks awesome and it’s a well-done update but Roberts did not design the jersey.  I feel like in a competition with a prize on the line, it’s akin to plagiarism.  How can you win a jersey design contest without designing a jersey?

As I wrote in my review, I like a bunch of the individual elements on this jersey.  Overall, though, it comes across as weak.  The blue crest gets lost on the blue jersey.  The lack of red loses part of the Griffins’ identity.  The “Tuebor” on the collar works but “Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amaenam Circumspice” on the back just seems slapped on there (I’d suggested it go on the cuff). Especially with at least six stronger jerseys in contention, I don’t get why this one was picked.  But there is a conspiracy theory out there…

Sure is easy to reproduce a jersey that already follows an existing template.

Like I said off the top (and in the title): chalk it up as sour grapes if you want.  I’m disappointed I didn’t win.  But I don’t think that means my thoughts on the winners are invalid.

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